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Add a little Bit of spice! 2022 Interior Design Trends

Flair up your house with these hot designs!

It’s officially the year of tailored interior designs that exude a sense of warmth and personality. Let’s look at three interior design styles that have taken over social media applications like Tiktok and Pinterest in recent months. We have no doubt that they will be huge in 2022!

Mid-century Modern

Picture1 2
A spacious Mid-Century Modern living room
Source: Elle decor

Clean lines, a blend of organic and synthetic materials, and retro flair are all hallmarks of mid-century modern home décor. This style dated back to the middle of the twentieth century and made a comeback in 2022.

Tips on how to style it:

  1. Think Minimal: Focus on simple basics, sleek lines, and only a few elements to complete the design, most commonly plants or large sculptures.
  2. Say yes to indoor plants: In Mid-Century Modern homes, large, flat-panelled windows are particularly frequent. Indoor plants such as Monstera and fiddle leaf fig are commonly used in this type of décor since the windows let in a lot of light.
  3. Add a pop of colour: The colour palette of mid-century modern design extends from brilliant hues to warmer tones. Consider putting a brightly coloured sofa in a room with mostly neutral colours.

Refer to the pictures below for some ideas

Need more inspiration? Check out the video below

Modern Industrial

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A simple yet gorgeous modern industrial apartment
Source: Impressive Interior Design

Rustic architecture and exposed brickwork are two out of the many elements of a modern industrial design. This style reveals the raw materials to produce an edgy and natural aesthetic.

Tips on how to style it:

  1. Open concept: Unlike most other styles, industrial interiors place a greater focus on open space. Most of the spaces are defined by the furniture and accessories utilized.
  2. Special lighting: The distinctive lighting for industrial design is comprised of distressed dark-toned steel and wood. In this type of design, light globes strung with wires or even stage lighting are very common.
  3. Rustic colour: In a modern industrial style, colours that complement brick walls and timber accents work like a charm. You can never go wrong with some earthy tones.

Want to see more pictures?

Check out this beautiful loft below!

Danish Pastel

Picture3 1
A colourful Danish pastel living room
Source: Zilver Blauw

We’re getting rid of black and white and bringing in the colours! This trending style is simple to achieve; all you need is to add the right accessories. It’s all about clean lines, stylish minimalism, and a lot of colours!

Tips on how to style it:

  1. Happy Colours: The Danish pastel design radiates joy and tranquilly by maintaining a minimalist aesthetic while remaining colourful and joyful. Try a soft pink and yellow decor!
  2. It’s all about the accessories: The good thing is you don’t have to entirely redecorate your home to incorporate the Danish Pastel aesthetic. Simply add accessories like a dome-shaped light, and some candles to complete the look.
  3. Plants and Flowers:  Placing fresh flowers or a dried arrangement in a colourful funky vase is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the Danish pastel look into your home.

Wondering what is considered as happy colours? Check out the gallery below

There’s no such thing as too much Pastel!