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The Stylish Gadgeteer, Adrian Yee

Crafting the new age of business.


Blooming Creative Instincts

Entrepreneurship is likened to a piece of painting in the business world. The entrepreneur, the painter. The business, the landscape. Creativity is the pièce de résistance towards differentiating oneself from competitors. Adrian Yee, the founder of Deriso, is the epitome of creativity as he crafts his unique ideas into the 21st century.

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Setting the Trend for the Future

With the theme of fashion with function, Adrian has revolutionised the market of mobile gadgets and accessories. He is always on the lookout for new opportunities and untapped potential markets as he perseveres on his path. A much-needed essential element to reach success in today’s harsh environment.


However, for a trendsetter to succeed, he would require a team equally capable of making dreams into reality. As a charismatic leader, Adrian believes in his team, even when the situation is not favourable. He is keenly all ears for suggestions from his staff about unique products that can capture the market. The more minds working together, the more grounds are covered.


Seize Every Opportune Growth

To always be at the forefront, one will have to keep the grit to grow. Adrian does precisely that, grasping every presented chance, even if it’s diving into unknown areas. With no experience in such fields, he won’t allow himself to be dampened. He will continue to churn out creative solutions until they are executed splendidly, which draws the path to his triumph.


Your distinction has led to your success

I am very privileged to have known Adrian when my business career was at a crossroad. He taught me the art of being inventive and the guile to pounce at opportunities. Knowing Adrian, his dream of providing excellent quality and outstanding designs is just on the cusp of coming true.


Kennt Lo Kien Haw

Director, Target Fashion Sdn Bhd