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The Pathfinder of Robotics, Aljay Ng

The best way to predict the future? Invent it

Acting as the core of innovation

What is the best way to seamlessly combine education and fun? For Aljay Ng, it’s building an environment that can foster an unfettered learning experience whilst encouraging pure enjoyment and satisfaction. Hence, the main foundation behind his founding of Advaspire, an educational centre that provides robotics and programming courses for all.


Foresight prevents oversight

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software continue to evolve by leaps and bounds, Aljay recognizes a surging demand for upskilling and reskilling among employees, especially freshly debuted young white-collar workers. To Aljay, knowing coding and simple programming is imperative, which means entry barriers should be made the lowest possible.

He believes it is his duty to simplify the learning process of robotics, and doing so requires a strong, cohesive team that he leads with incredible foresight and willpower. After all, Aljay weighs his accomplishments as a scale of how he successfully contributes to the robotics industry at large. His initiative to organize robotics workshops for the University of Nottingham, his alma mater, is a testament to his sense of ownership and responsibility to the industry.


Nurturing the seeds of hope from the beginning

Aljay is undoubtedly aware of the challenges that lie up ahead. Malaysians, he thinks, are largely still underequipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and mindsets required to confront a post-Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 world. This is precisely why he aims to inculcate creativity and innovation amongst young children while developing a genuine passion and appetite to learn more in robotics. They are expected to get on-ground and full practical with their creations. The best part? Youths can learn while having fun simultaneously, enjoying a sense of fulfilment through successfully completing a robotics project.


Aligning dreams with dynamism and futurism

The field of robotics has undoubtedly seen its promising share of progress, something that science fiction once could only dream about, and Aljay is proud to be a part of this catalyst of change. His talent and charisma have certainly come in handy for an everchanging technological landscape which he hopes to revitalize into a new norm, where robotics education is part of an everyday integration with life. That is ultimately how Aljay defines his true success.


Woo Chee Kuan

Director, Meka Machinery Part Supply Sdn Bhd

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