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The Ardent Designer, Alvin Mong

Design is intricacies, intelligence made visible.

The Life of the Party

A strong sense of humour, a keen eye for unique design environments, and a high level of interpersonal skills. This is Alvin Mong, whose bright and colourful personality can fill a room with incredible energy. His ability to function successfully in an environment that encourages self-expression is apparent even in his designs or, shall we say, his work of art.

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Passion triggers Passion

It’s one thing to enjoy what you do, but it’s another to be passionate about your work. By combining passion with work, Alvin is the hype of motivation and creativity to the people in his vicinity. Along with the encouragement of independence and mental growth, Alvin believes these are the core building blocks for success. He has fostered a positive culture in which everyone strives for the sky and is not afraid of making mistakes—for who is a better teacher than mistakes.

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All In

Alvin has an acute sense of proportion and visual awareness. He is astute in piecing a satisfactory picture to produce the intended interior environment. To get to this prowess, however, takes more than what people assume are gifted. It all begins with putting your very all, and Alvin has given his whole heart and soul into his work. Paired with a desire to achieve his objectives, these drivers have led to his success.

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“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart”

Alvin is like a supernova, as bright as it is exuberance. A simple thank you is not enough to showcase my appreciation for his guidance and presence in my life. I wish him excellence in every undertaking he pursues and a flowery path ahead.


Cheng Chee Seong

Director, Miu Kids Sdn Bhd

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