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A Specialist in Property Management, Ayden Mok

He manage what others could not

Resistance with Persistence

Ayden has always sought to be extraordinary. By being a persistent challenger of life, he always travels down the road less taken. He ardently believes that there is no goal too sizable to accomplish if a person is determined enough. His sizable levels of persistence are what governed him to establish Posh and Core Property Management.

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Family is not bound by blood

Doing things alone can only get you so far, but together, the distance is immeasurable. This is the management style Ayden practices that revolve around building compatible teams rather than high performing individuals. He delegates work equally and shows trust towards his employees. He can also often be seen guiding his team and helping them rather than ruling with an iron fist, a work family-like culture.

From his family’s perspective, Ayden is a highly loving individual who reserves time for his beloved. He can juggle his business, friends and family well. In his book, there is no compromise when it comes to any of the three, for balancing all three makes a phenomenal leader.

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Mistakes are proof of effort

One defining character that can never be pried away from Ayden is his ability to look failure in the eyes and keep advancing. For him, one’s past mistakes are their current solutions. Mistakes will always happen; how you learn from them separates the weak from the strong. To Ayden, showing your flaws is not a sign of weakness but a sign of striving.

With good health comes good tidings

Alas, 7 years have come and gone since the day we met. Yet, through all the memories we have made together, his unabating support has never wavered. I wish him the health of an ox to guide him further as the man who aids your building needs.


Allan Kuah

Partner, KLCO (KL Branch)

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