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Guide for the Lost, Bayarbold Enkhkhishig

We all are born with a purpose in life. It is only a matter of finding it.

The beacon of hope

In the seven billion people born on this planet, every single one is uniquely their own. As a believer that no one is utterly talentless, Bayarbold Enkhkhishig holds everyone with an innate value waiting to bloom. A light in the dark for the lost, he encouraged those who have lost hope that life is more than what one would think.

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The theory of life

The gem to Bayarbold’s yearly success is simpler than people presume. It is his people-centric approach to life: doing right by those who follow him. This energetic leader never betrayed his promises to himself, his family, or anyone who believed in him. If you are true to the people, the people will do right by you.

Bayarbold’s triumph is also due to his belief in the three quintessential qualities a team needs to succeed; knowledge, confidence, and heart. These three elements lead to a better quality of life and job satisfaction. Therefore, he instils these values deep in the minds of his team, creating an atmosphere of positivity among them.

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Learning is not limited to books

Everyone is born with their own destiny and responsibilities in this world. For Bayarbold, his purpose is to awaken and unite the minds and hearts of the masses. He has given a multitude of lessons throughout the years, each with a different character, energy, and meaning. What is most fascinating is that the knowledge shared is not found in words penned or spoken. An opportunity to attend Bayarbold’s course is not one to miss; a live book you’ve never heard.

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I want the world to see your brilliance

Bayerbold has made a significant difference in my life. Where I stand and who I identify myself as today is thanks to him. I wish him a felicitous road ahead and firmly believe that he will become the pride of humanity.



Assistant Director, M International Company

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