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Best Emerging Developer – TAGO (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD │ APDA2020

A boutique property developer in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, TAGO is the new uprising star for refining spaces to charming homes focusing entirely on residents, lifestyle, and the environment.

Initially an investment holding company and premium gift product dealer during its founding in 1982, TAGO found their true endeavour in the property development industry in the booming 1990s when Malaysia’s economy and property market growth took a steep uprise.

Known for their reputation of distinction and reliability, this respectable developer is continuously delivering a whole new perspective to quality homes and ideal spaces for individuals and businesses alike, displaying perfection in quality, prestige, and artistic touch.

What drives TAGO to always explore new horizons is their unshakable principle of not only occupying spaces but refining it into creating homes, cultivating businesses, and building communities. A true embodiment of a community of creators.

This can be seen throughout their majestic projects in their rapidly expanding portfolio, tackling from residential market to resort management. One of their key developments is the 58-acre TAGO Industrial Park in Sri Damansara, their maiden development project which pivoted their passion and success.

With a constant thirst for new projects that challenges their creative fancies, TAGO had taken a hand to establish exclusive bungalows at Taman Rainbow, Jalan Ipoh in the Aman Bali project. Along with this is the completion of Anjali North Kiara in January 2018, an award-winning luxurious freehold residential development set amidst a tranquil landscape designed with generous spaces and extensive list of curated amenities to calm the soul from the city’s bustling life.

Subsequently, TAGO’s first foray into resort management with Adena Beach Resort. Nestled in Kuantan, Pahang, this beautiful resort is the ideal beachfront getaway for those looking to relax, refresh, rejuvenate, and even have fun.

The newest addition to their collection is the picturesque ALAIA Titiwangsa, which introduces a true meaning of community living with 436-units of serviced apartments and 18-units of shops in a private residential enclave of Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur where residents can experience a seamless transition between community and exclusivity in the heart of the city.

Crafting designs that redefine the standard of living experience, TAGO refines spaces to truly feel like home; building life and inspiring possibilities.

Check out the “Best Urban Living Development” for ALAIA Titiwangsa that TAGO is also crowned with in the ASEAN Property Developer Awards 2020!

Tago Management Team
Tago’s Management Team (Image via TAGO (M) SDN BHD)

Featured Project

ALAIA Titiwangsa

Aerial View

ALAIA Titiwangsa’s Aerial View (Image via TAGO (Malaysia) SDN BHD)

Rooftop View

Banjaran FA
ALAIA Titiwangsa’s Rooftop View (Image via TAGO (Malaysia) SDN BHD)

Sky Dining

Alaia Titiwangsa Sky Dining
ALAIA Titiwangsa’s Sky Dining (Image via TAGO (Malaysia) SDN BHD)

Co-working Lounge

Alaia Titiwangsa Co-Working Lounge
ALAIA Titiwangsa’s Co-working Lounge (Image via TAGO (Malaysia) SDN BHD)

Sunken Garden

Alaia Titiwangsa Sunken Garden
ALAIA Titiwangsa’s Sunken Garden (Image via TAGO (Malaysia) SDN BHD)

Contact Information

Company: TAGO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Website: www.tago.com.my
Telephone:+603 6201 0325 or Click Here
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