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Best Real Estate Investment Consultancy – UPG Holding Sdn Bhd│APDA2020

UPG Holding Sdn Bhd marked its establishment back in December 2017. Specializing in providing real estate investment consultancy services, the company currently employs over 300 employees. It has grown to have four branches established across Malaysia, including in Klang (HQ), Kepong, Petaling Jaya, and Johor Bahru, all within a span of three years.

Till today, UPG holds a number of subsidiaries under its name, including UPG Capital Sdn Bhd, UPG Development Sdn Bhd, UPG Holding (Austin) Sdn Bhd, UPG Holding (PJ) Sdn Bhd, UPG Housing Sdn Bhd, UPG Investment Agency, UPG Management Sdn Bhd, and UPG Venture Sdn Bhd.

As a real estate investment company, UPG distinguishes itself from other players by adopting the unique “Blue Ocean Strategy” in its operations, where it quickly established itself as a leading player in the property investment industry.

Jayson Chong
Jayson Chong, Founder of UPG Holding Sdn Bhd (Image via UPG Holding Sdn Bhd)

UPG emphasizes providing clients with the highest quality, efficiency, and commitment to maximizing investment potential in its services. The company believes that customers must always come first and focuses on nurturing and sustaining a long-term relationship with them. By delivering high-quality after-sales services, UPG provides the assurance that it remains firmly committed to clients.

The clients of UPG consist of mainly individuals from the medium to the high-end property market in Malaysia. The company has cultivated a team of elites thanks to its well-structured talent-development system to enable the company to function effectively and sustain itself in the future.

In the long run, UPG seeks to grow, extend its capabilities, and focus on sustainability initiatives all to attain three goals; upscaling, strengthening, and maintaining excellence – building a better tomorrow with you.

Contact Information

Company: UPG Holding Sdn Bhd
Website: www.upgmalaysia.com
Telephone:016-966 0016 or Click Here
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