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Best Real Estate Marketing Agency – MAXXAN Realty│APDA2020

MAXXAN Realty is an innovative real estate company established in October 2017. Spearheaded by their three founders with a unified vision to develop teams throughout Malaysia and venture into international markets, they are determined to achieve greatness. This is evident in their achievement of RM2.5billion sales transaction by the end of 2019.

Maxxan Realty Team Photo 2
MAXXAN Power Leader Camp to empower team members of MAXXAN Realty (Image via MAXXAN Realty)
MAXXAN Realty Featured Image
MAXXAN’s Slogan “Think Property, Think Maxxan” (Image via MAXXAN Realty)

Now, MAXXAN has taken a step forward to form a real estate ecosystem. In line with their “Think Property, Think MAXXAN” slogan, they endeavour to provide a complete service offering to their clients. Not only apt in property sales, MAXXAN offers innovative services to develop assets into rental units. This proves to be MAXXAN’s main competitive advantage, as it gives a holistic service offering to their clients.

Maxxan Realty Team Photo 1
MAXXAN Realty’s team building session (Image via MAXXAN Realty)

In less than two years, they had expanded their operations to major cities across Malaysia, tripling their team size to a total of 12 teams. Maxxan’s employee retention is high, with 90% of the initial team still onboard. By offering equal employment opportunities, their diverse team gives them an advantage in approaching various customer demographics.

MAXXAN Realty 2 Year anniversary
MAXXAM Realty Celebrates 2 year anniversary (Image via MAXXAN Realty)

Since day one, Maxxan is continuously growing and unwavering in their focus on staying ahead of the game consistently. They constantly strive to keep abreast of the paradigm shifts while emphasizing essential values, especially integrity and quality. These standards have built a reputation for MAXXAN within the real estate industry and secure many significant business partnerships.

Tee Kiat Siong MAXXAN Realty
Tee Kiat Siong, one of the Founder of MAXXAN Realty (Image via MAXXAN Realty)

Contact Information

Company: Maxxan Realty
Website : www.maxxan.com.my
Telephone:03-2770 0186 or Click Here

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