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Best Township Development – Aman Parc│APDA2020

The Pulse of Sungai Petani, Aman Parc, is an upcoming 96-acres township designed to modernize and inspire the town to bring new growth and new life. The Pulse of Sungai Petani, it embodies a family lifestyle, keeping families together and close at heart.

Aman Parc Display 2
The Podium’s Aerial View (Image via Kejora Mahamas Sdn Bhd (Aman Setia Group))

Aman Parc brings you a new and exciting development of commercial and residential parcels. Defined by one urbanization plan, this prestigious development holds a collection of projects that urbanizes and commercializes, a community that socialises.

In Aman Parc, the business and investment segment, is the Commerce Parc. A business setting for thriving commerce, this collection offers double-storey and triple-storey commercial units as well as garden shop lots that collectively attract business to the heart of the entire development.

Aman Parc Display 4
Commercial Parc (Image via Kejora Mahamas Sdn Bhd (Aman Setia Group))

Designed for comfort and elegance, Aman Parc offers a variety of residential options for a modern lifestyle. There is the Urbania Residence comprising of double-storey terraces, Estonia Residences offering semi-detached houses, Kastoria Residences collection of double-storey bungalows, Averia Townhouses, and Casadia Apartments. The residential collection will create a modern nurturing and welcoming township.

Aman Parc Display 5
Residential collection of Aman Parc; Estonia Residences (Image via Kejora Mahamas Sdn Bhd (Aman Setia Group))

The signature development that is the heart of Aman Parc, is the Podium. The main focus point of this project is to promote and enhance business and commercial growth. The Podium will change the way you shop and dine along with the way business is conducted with its modern amenities, brand new concepts, and lifestyle ambience.

Aman Parc Display 3
The Podium (Image via Kejora Mahamas Sdn Bhd (Aman Setia Group))

The well-planned township is strategically located within the radius of the North South Highway with access from the Northern and Southern tolls via the thoroughfare of Jalan Lencongan Barat, intersecting with Lebuh Intan, and linking with the Central Square and Clock Tower; bringing everything that is Sungai Petani close to you.

Begin your chapter with Aman Parc, the Pulse of Sungai Petani, as they bring you new life, growth, and excitement. This is the place where life becomes better.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • A mixed development that connects the Northern and Southern tolls
  • A modern township designed to modernize and inspire the town of Sungai Petani
  • Thriving commerce – two and three storey commercial units and garden shop lots will bring business to the heart of the development
  • Surrounded by matured commercial and residential areas
  • Easy access to current residential parcels
  • An elevated lifestyle in Sungai Petani

Project Overview

Project Developed by:Kejora Mahamas Sdn Bhd (Aman Setia Group)
Property Type:Township
Area of Development:96 acres
Concept:Mixed Development
Location:Sungai Petani, Kedah

Contact Information

Project Name: Aman Parc
Website :
Telephone:+604 431 6688 or Click Here

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