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BÖN Estates embodied the elements of Bamboo, Plum Blossom, and Pussy Willow for the New Lunar Year

To welcome the Year of the Rat, Bon Estates open their doors to all families to celebrate this Chinese New Year.

9th Feb 2020 – To usher in a new beginning with the Year of the Rat, Bon Estates had opened their doors to all with delectable treats, vibrant performances, and festive activities for families alike to celebrate this Chinese New Year.

The theme for the event this year was centred around the symbolic significance of the Bamboo, Plum Blossom, and Pussy Willow. The elements are BÖN Estates wish to create an atmosphere of hope, wealth, and prosperity in the year 2020. The celebration of unity, harmony, and the strengthening of bonds which is the embodiment of Chinese New Year, resonates with their lifestyle philosophy and development ideology.

BÖN Estates had prepared numerous of highlights for the joyous occasion, among them are a Lion Dance troupe by Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association, Fortune Reading session by Soleil Trinity Resource, Chinese knot making, Traditional Chinese Paper Cutting workshop, and Candy Making live shows.

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The colourful festivity also features BÖN Estates’s ongoing flagship project, The Estate. A low-density high-rise development, The Estate is priced from RM2.5million and appeals to a vast range of buyers, especially to young families. Its popularity is to the unit’s design and layout, and also the unique multi-generational option of a private unit attached.

Visitors would get a chance to explore the unique lifestyle proposition of the project through a tour of a fully decked-out show unit of the many elevated living standards components of the development.

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