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Brian Lee │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

The mind behind the rise of LikeMedia, a multi-award-winning social media company, is the founder Brian Lee. An inspiring entrepreneur for the youth, Brian’s fame is mostly pertinent to his drive.

Without ambition and passion, intelligence could only get you so far. Brian’s love for social media and networking was enough motivation to pushed him through setbacks and blazed the trail ahead to use these two things to change the world.

A leader with an easy-going demeanor, Brian is an excellent networker. The charming qualities of this amicable individual are his vast knowledge, professional etiquette, and approachable personality.

With an ability to naturally ease people in his presence, he has a knack at conversing with people from all walks of life. A charmer who is also a hard worker, he continually picked up new things and absorbed new ideas to further propel the company to greater heights.

Brian is a remarkable entrepreneur who is not only affable, but giving. Sharing his knowledge and network, he is not one to shy away from lending a helping hand to help others succeed.

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