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Candy Lock │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

Nothing could be a truer definition of a woman entrepreneur than Candy Lock, the Managing Director of Crav. Chartering through unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly, Candy had set the bars of what is success.

A leader who forged her path through her own bare hands, Candy is described as a “fighter”. Born from a humble background, she had to fight her way up the corporate world to grasp the life she had wanted.

That tenacity had helped her turn around her struggling, to turn her doubts to self-empowerment. Through brute grit, Candy is now an inspirational leader in the insurance industry.

She had also earned numerous insurance agency awards under her name. However, she did not attribute her success entirely to herself.

What is highly admirable about Candy is her humility and dedication to her team. She commends her thriving achievements to her team’s effort, commitment and capacity to learn. This has earned her numerous admirers for her genuine disposition.

An outstanding individual who is just as compassionate, Candy is focused on discovering what real problems people were facing and how her business could help solve it.

Candy Lock – Leadership Excellence Awards 2019 (Leadership Insights)

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