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Seeking Potentiality, Cayson Goh

Unyoking the latent abilities of youth.


Fear not risks

Be wise enough to avoid recklessness but be bold enough to take risks. Cayson Goh had established himself in a different field for many years before he took the plunge to let go of his previous career and trek a new path. Looking at Cayson’s current walk of life, his establishment effort in SVO Group marks his most pivotal decision.



Inspiration originates from within a person. If an individual wants to raise their standard of living, they should be willing to take matters into their own hands. As a people-oriented person, Cayson believes that the key to his success is to know where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Therefore, Cayson strives to create a team of disciplined young entrepreneurs that hungers to develop themselves and expand their potential. 

Cayson Group 3

Being disciplined means being in control over life compared to chasing it in a rat race. Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period. Although crude, this principle is what Cayson preached in life and ingrained into his team members. This visionary mindset leads to a successful team with a plan and direction to achieve greatness.

Cayson 2

NOT just complETION

What truly left an impression is Cayson’s chase for perfection. Anyone can complete a task, but to give good, much less stellar work is a rare encounter. With his high execution and implementation ability, Cayson outdoes the norm with his consistent performance. He fulfils requests with excellent results and swift action. Achieving results in astounding fashion is the best portrayal of Cayson’s accomplishments.

Cayson Group 2b

Remember to savour the small moments

The dynamic workhorse in you has been the bread and butter to all your achievements. My only wish for you is to take care of your health. As a person at the vanguard of work, there are times when you can lay low and enjoy. Life is but a fleeting moment. Appreciate every moment of it.


Justin Teow

Co-Founder, SVO Group Berhad