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The Gregarious Gregory, Charles Gregory

He digitalises the string to the future.

The Avid Entertainer

People. The foundation of any excellent leader is the ability to foster deep-seated relationships with the people around them. Hence, you will never find a day when the humble, yet bubbly Charles Gregory is not surrounded. Drawing the masses in with his down-to-earth nature, he is an avenue for freedom of expression, ultimately building his second family with Digital Marketing Consultancy Sdn Bhd.

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The Outspoken

An outstanding quality that describes Charles is his sublime public relations. His ability to strike a conversation with even the most introverted of individuals is one to revere. He matches his energy with superb attunement, creating a comfortable atmosphere for anyone to convey their thoughts and ideas.

Charles 2

Another additional trait to his charm is his public speaking abilities. Even with a crowd of over 400 scrutinizing eyes on him, Charles does not buckle and deliver his speech in strong, serene tones. People who have witnessed this first-hand are often in awe of his performance.

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80% of Preparation is War

In business, Charles is likened to an eagle, the hunter of the sky, who has a sharp eye on all matters. Rarely making rash decisions, he ensures every step is carefully reasoned and reap long-term rewards. This mindset has led him to become a pioneer in his industry, consulting over 500 companies of all sizes and training over 3,000 students in Malaysia.

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A friend in need is a friend indeed

Whatever goes around always comes back around. As an associate and a dear friend, Charles has never failed to aid in hardship or in celebration of my success. I would like him to know that his kind deeds have not gone unnoticed, and if there were ever a time he needed me, I would most definitely be there for him.


Tuan Hj Jamalludin Hm

Director, JAS Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd

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