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The Ameliorator of Living Standards, Charlie Lim

Courage and comfort do not come in two. To taste success, you will have to take a leap.

Big Dreams, Better Results

In the presence of ambition comes the appetite to thrive and prosper. For a person as enterprising as Charlie Lim, the sky is the limit when his lofty aspirations are concerned. With his consistent drive, Charlie flourishes as the Chief Sales Officer of Maxpine International Holdings Sdn Bhd because he is willing to take the step and dream big. 

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Improve is the Only Way

Charlie is an endorser of improving the quality of his own life and that of the community. Ever since his youth, Charlie had always questioned himself how. How does he raise his standard of living? His mind is constantly turning, churning ideas and solutions. From there, he started to inculcate the knowledge he gained with the people around him.

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Even when speaking to distributors, Charlie does not hesitate to help out, sharing creative and workable ideas for the betterment of their lifestyle. As the leader and mentor, Charlie is confident that he can be a good role model, and he has every right to be.

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A Minute Spent Save Hours

A well-planned system shortens the route to the goal. Therefore, an organised structure is fundamental to Charlie. He organises all his tasks accordingly and plans his time efficiently. Consequently, he can find quick solutions when a problem arises, preventing issues from snowballing into a time-consuming crisis.

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Hiring you was a blessing in disguise

The most challenging task for any company is hiring the right person for the job. When it comes to the post of Global Chief Sales Officer of Maxpine, Charlie Lim has proven that he was an excellent decision, one which we are truly blessed with. With Charlie on the frontlines, even the stars will not be limited.



CEO, Maxpine Lifestyle India Private Limited

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