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Hunter of the Sea, Chen Ling Choy

In a sea of similarities, opt for the pathway that is different

Hard work breeds success

They say once you cultivate a true passion for something since young, it remains deeply engraved in you even when you grow up. This cannot be truer for Chen Ling Choy as being a part of the fishing and seafood industry is something that he holds dearly at heart. Having the opportunity to experience catching and selling seafood directly to wet markets since his youth laid the groundwork for Chen to establish CLC Fishery alongside his wife in 2003.


Staying afloat in a tidal wave of uncertainties

Although Chen’s family has also been attributed to the fishing industry, he did not start his own business for the sake of inheritance nor following his family’s footsteps. Instead, Chen sees opportunities while others could only see problems. Recognizing the ever-popular demand for seafood, Chen is determined to bring his fresh catches from the sea to everyone’s kitchen, so long as they enjoy and can tolerate seafood.


The prolonged Covid-19 lockdown resulted in a significant decline in orders by major restaurant chains. Yet Chen remains unfettered, and he counters this by diversifying his business model to cater for a wider pool of customers. From online delivery of fresh seafood down to the opening of a retail store that offers a wide array of frozen and live seafood, Chen goes the extra mile to satisfy his customers’ seafood cravings.

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Not losing morality in the face of temptation

As an entrepreneur, Chen is well-equipped with a sturdy moral compass. He is a man with remarkable principles that do not waver, even when he is inches away from closing a deal. As such, it is natural to view him as a trustworthy leader. Chen’s tendency to aid others without hesitation if it is within his capacity further adds to his testament of authenticity as a person, which makes working with him even more rewarding.

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Blood is thicker than water

Despite Chen’s achievements, his family ultimately matters the most to him, especially his wife, his primary pillar of support since the beginning. It is his own compassion for others, coupled with his persistence as an entrepreneur and his devotion to family, that ultimately paved the way to success for Chen.


Dr. Chew Fook Yang

Executive Director, UPTOWN CENTURY Sdn Bhd

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