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The Publisheth Sanctuary, Chia Chor Seong

He brings books to life for the betterment of our educational standards.

The Master Tactician

A seasoned publisher, Chia Chor Seong has mastered the art of meticulous planning. Knowing the industry in and out, he converts issues into an opportunity with well-thought-out plans. His forward-looking mindset is why Pan Asia Publications Sdn Bhd went from a small publishing firm in 1995 to one of the Top 3 Textbook Publisher in Malaysia today.

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Follow the Trend Lines

The key to success is often the ability to adapt. The terrain of education has changed plenty since 1995. To keep abreast in the publishing industry, innovating and staying apace to the latest trend in education is a must. Mr Chia does precisely just that; he continuously looks for ground-breaking ideas to elevate the fun of learning. His secret to this? Establishing a positive workspace that inspires idea generation and two-way sharing.


Pass It On

Mr Chia has a true passion for education and the key to make students get the best of it? He believes it is love for studying that is harboured by producing well-designed, quality learning materials. To do this, this conscientious man has also collaborated with overseas publishers to develop books of high English standards that cater to the Malaysian market. The high standards he preaches has led him to produce over 2000 titles to date.


Altruistic and benevolent, Mr Chia does not hold back in giving his absolute everything for a cause. This is seen during the floodings in Terengganu, where the water has damaged numerous textbooks and study materials. Mr Chia had urgently pressed for new batches of materials to replace. Even sourcing out alternate means of transport when the usual route was unavailable, all so that students would not waste a second for their education into their school term.


“World Optimisation”

A fantastic mentor and grand leader, there is no one more dedicated of his life to the education industry and community in Malaysia like Mr Chia. His valuable guidance and encouragement are uncountable. May you bring your knowledge, titles, and business to new frontiers – achieving world optimisation.


Nor Wati binti Juahir

Author/Manager, Pustaka Sarjana Sdn Bhd

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