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The Consul of Leaders, Chris Trikomitis

The true mark of a leader isn’t creating followers, it’s raising future leaders.

Constant is change

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sail. That is the principle of adaptability, and it is the lodestar of the versatile Chris Trikomitis. For the greatest minds do not predict the future but learn to adapt. From corporate to entrepreneurship, Chris has done it all as he continues to brave the waves of the 21st century.

Chris Trikomitis Group 1

Competence comes with experience

Taking the ‘laissez-faire’ approach, Chris allows his team to take the derivative in their tasks. He enables his crew to grow to their potential by allowing them to make mistakes as long as they learn from them. Chris himself has faced many failures in the past, and he has persevered and bounced back from them. A team that can rise to challenges boldly is his consequent goal for his company.

A remarkable trait that can be associated with Chris is his flexibility. His vast experience and knowledge bring value to his clients, offering them what others cannot, making him a high-demand and often requested speaker at events locally and internationally. As an entrepreneur who gets around, Chris has delved into many industries and has worked in every continent. Along the way, he had mastered the art of knowing what makes companies tick.

Chris Trikomitis 3

Charisma personified

What truly makes Chris an admiration for many is his ability to hook a crowd in. As a first-hand witness to one of his speeches, it was inspiring to see how composed and articulate Chris can deliver his message. He gives off a tone of youthfulness that encourages listeners to listen to him. You won’t find anyone who isn’t enraptured for the whole of his presentation.

Chris Trikomitis 2b

Continue to inspire no-ones to someones

Chris has always been a person that is generous with his wisdom. He uses his life experiences to motivate his listeners to strive harder to overcome obstacles. As someone he has galvanized, I hope he helps many more find their new passions in life.


Andrew Green


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