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The Captain of Early Childhood Education, Dato’ Captain Bakhtiar Aliff Bin Ibrahim          

To pilot dreams, we have to pilot competent teams.

The Art of Humility

Never look down on a person unless it is to help them up. That is the principle that Dato’ Captain Bakhtiar Aliff Bin Ibrahim abides by. Even after establishing more than 120 pre-schools throughout Malaysia, he still takes the time to sit and meet with new franchise owners to give them detailed explanations. His clear vision and mission to grow as a team entice many to ride his bandwagon.

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Liberating entrepreneurship

Dato’ Bakhtiar’s success stems from his attitude. He is a visionary that is optimistic and resilient. The indomitable spirit he possesses propelled him to believe that no obstacle is too lofty or too difficult for him to achieve his dreams. With the vision of empowering entrepreneurship, he has gathered many franchisees.

Empowerment is an excellent tool to raise motivation levels. However, the art of empowering people is a concept that can be too hard to grasp. True leaders such as Dato’ Bakhtiar keep their swords sheathed, only offering advice from time to time, allowing franchise owners to run their businesses. The ability to let go of the reins and allow others to manage is what makes him one of the fastest-growing preschool franchises in the country.

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Grind and Unwind

The path to entrepreneurship is all-consuming in both body and mind. Therefore, to never stray from the trail, it is vital to let loose and relax once in a while. A fond memory was when I had gone to a dinner outing with Dato’ Bakhtiar. To see him let his hair down and sing his heart out showed me that he is a genuine person who knows when to work hard and play hard.


He is the man in the middle of an inferno

Fearless and determined, Dato’ Bakhtiar can be thoroughly outspoken to ensure his ideas bear fruit. I hope he will continue to set the world ablaze as he indeed is the man on fire!


Arnie Nartika Naharudin

Branch Owner, AKE Bandar Saujana Putra

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