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Dato’ Colin Tan │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

Visionary with a pioneering outlook, Dato’ Colin Tan is a quintessential leader who is well capable of creating and anticipating brilliant investment opportunities.

As the Managing Director of Hatten Group of Companies, his talent and knowledge in property development and visualization of new growth strategies had aided the Group’s vision achievement in Enriching Communities Together.

Dato’ Colin’s foresight and ambitiousness are one of the main driving force behind Hatten’s ever expanding portfolio in ground-breaking mega projects. Under his guidance, Hatten has built a respected reputation for assuring long-term value and capital returns while becoming one of the Top Premier Property Developers.

This had led Hatten to receive more than 50 prestigious and Internationally acclaimed Property Awards to date. The dynamic entrepreneur has a knack for developing largescale mixed developments and managing the strategic functions of the Group’s vast portfolio of projects.

One of his most shining achievements is the renowned multi-award winning retail-tourism attraction, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.

With Dato’ Colin’s ingenious methods of discovering opportunities in capital investment, it will further the growth of economic viability and create consumer flow within the city-state of Melaka.

Leadership Excellence Awards – Dato’ Colin

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