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The leader of humility, Dato’ Ir. Janang Anak Bungsu

The greatest man on earth is willing to be little.

Action speaks louder than words

The truest leaders regard leadership as an action rather than a position. Dato’ Ir. Janang Bungsu, who hails from Bintangor, Sarawak, demonstrates just that. As one of the co-founders and managing director for Konsortium Bumi Consultants and Services, Janang is often viewed as a man of genuine humility who inspires others around him with his down-to-earth character.


Empowering humanity from the fruits of hardship

Life was not a bed of roses for Janang. Since young, Janang grew up in an impoverished family. The only way to survive was to resort to hard work and perseverance. Therefore, he embarked on his own personal mission: to empower the Dayak people and other marginalized communities to a level where they are self-sustainable and can adapt effortlessly to the ever-changing dynamics in the present-day social economy.


Discovering empathy and trust amid adversity

Janang’s personal goal is the cornerstone behind his leadership. His heightened sense of empathy to those around him, especially his staff, steers him to the awareness of their wellbeing and needs. Most notably, during the Covid-19 pandemic’s prolonged lockdown, Janang refused to conduct a pay cut on his staff, asserting that he wanted everyone to be able to make ends meet. That became a clear testament to his selflessness and generosity, and the fact that he is a leader who prioritizes his own people.


Janang’s background also shaped the way he makes decisions today. As fairness matters a whole lot to him, he ensures that whatever decisions come from him do not tip the scale in anyone’s favour, forming impartial judgements free from the interference of personal bias. While his belief in his staff is indisputable, he continues to reason with evidence, not emotions. These qualities of his certainly elevate his likeability amongst people who know him.

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A fine balance

It certainly is no easy task managing the company’s interest while keeping the team intact. Yet, Janang executes it impeccably, giving it all he can while ushering in a new wave of confidence from business associates and staff alike. Janang remains humble at heart despite his success and does not strut to others with pride. With his devotion and commitment towards serving the less privileged community by expanding the company’s reach, there is no doubt the company will soar above greater heights.


Ar. David Hollistini

Director & Partner, Konsortium Bumi Consultants & Services Sdn Bhd

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