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Dato’ Jeremy Chia │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

Dato’ Jeremy Chia Pei Chai’s rise to leadership had found him in the prime of life at the age of 31. The founder and Group Chairman of Maxxan Realty, Dato’ Jeremy is a business leader with expansive knowledge and experience behind his back.

Throughout his career, he had achieved much greatness. He won numerous awards, performing many feats for companies that sought his advice and knowledge.

The most admirable aspect of Dato’ Jeremy is his keen focus on his job. With high ambitions, he has an exceptionally strong business mindset which further expands his team.

In addition to the success of his company, Dato’ Jeremy is also a humanitarian who gives back to society. A man with a big heart, his philanthropy to aid the less fortunate had gained the Asia Pacific CSR Award’s recognition of his effort through a CSR award.

Through his consistent ability to innovate in his services, coupled together with his strong leadership capabilities, Dato’ Jeremy will surely propel the company to unprecedented levels.

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