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The Gold-hearted Smith, Dato’ Mohd Anuar Bin Mohd Ibrahim

Not everyone can truly see a person, be the exception that finds the gold.

Clothes Don’t Make the Man

There is no better way to describe Dato’ Mohd Anuar Bin Mohd Ibrahim than this. Behind his reserved persona is a man with a kind and passionate soul who would go the extra mile for the people in his inner circle. With trust and loyalty as the foundation, Dato’ Anuar has gathered a team of dedicated members to establish Kedai Emas Siti Aishah.


Foremost is Work

Being the workaholic that he is, there is never a time that Dato’ Anuar is not working. Every morning, he questions himself on what he can do better than yesterday. His adoration towards his business distinguished him from his competitors. The effort Dato’ Anuar expended toward work motivated his employees as well. If the leader is that hardworking, so would be his people.


Ever enthusiastic giver

Dato’ Anuar had always had an allure for gold. This keen interest came in hand with spreading this passion to the people around him. The joy that escalated from sharing his fascination sparked the idea of trading gold at affordable prices—making gold and jewellery affordable and accessible to all.

What truly made Dato’ Anuar golden is his compassion for his people, especially friends and families. No matter how dire or light the situation is, he will come swooping in to help so long as you need it. One case was when I was hospitalised and out of commission. Dato’ Anuar came and aided me in taking over the reign, caring for the business like his own. He handled all instructions meticulously and earnestly, ensuring I had a smooth return.


“To Strike Gold”

Greatness comes from the desire to do extraordinary things, and Dato’ Anuar sets the golden standard of what we should strive for as an individual. I wish him all the best in his every pursuit of serving his community, and may he continue striking gold.


Dato’ Sri Dr Mohniandi Haikrishnasamy

Group Managing Director, Everest Group of Companies

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