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To Inspirit, Dato’ Ooi Win Juat

To have a chance to be empowered, you should use your power to empower others as well.

Honouring modesty

Beyond his titles and position, LT. KOL. (PAB) Dato’ Ooi Win Juat is an immensely humble and respectable man. He rarely flaunts his achievements and is respectful of others. Rather than bragging about accomplishments, he prefers to listen and understand the people around him. As the Head of Marketing and Advisory of Puspakom, Dato’ Ooi exudes the qualities of a magnificent leader.

Dato Ooi Group 2

All hands on deck

True leaders are willing to put in the work and give the credit due. A person of Dato’ Ooi’s stature can delegate most tasks to his team while reaping the merits. However, he refuses and chaperones most projects, ensuring the completion of all assignments without a hitch. Dato’ Ooi believes that experiencing first-hand is vital to improving efficiency. This diligence towards his work is why he is where he is today.

Dato Ooi 2bii

Man of self-effacing

Dato’ Ooi treats the people around him like family. He believes that there are alternate ways to manage his team besides inserting pressure. His focus; reverse psychology. Instead of direct criticism, the shift is to find improved methods for each individual. In return, his team treats Dato’ Ooi dearly—for a leader who puts people in front, gives them the best.


The first encounter with Dato’ Ooi will leave you none the wiser of his position. His impeccable hospitality and personal involvement in dealings with clients were all self-initiated, not what you would expect a higher position to do. You won’t realise he is the power behind the vehicle inspection industry. This down to earth attitude is what shines most admirably of Dato’ Ooi.

Dato Ooi Group 1

May your efforts be rewarded in times to come

Dato Ooi truly deserved the titles bestowed upon him. There is none as capable a leader and true of a contributor to the country than him.

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Dato’ Ong Chuan Jin

Chairman, Malaysian Anti Corruption Foundation (Penang)

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