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Man of many principles, Dato’ Sri M Andy

The responsibility of every generation is to make the future of the next.

First impressions matter

How people carry themselves are a decisive measure of their character. This reasoning is why Dato’ Sri M Andy always presents the best version of himself. Leaving a good impression builds confidence and garners the respect of others. This same principle is what Dato’ Sri Andy instils into Everest Group, his leading logistics company.

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Tenacity builds individuals

Persistence and hard work are the keys to any successful entrepreneur. Dato’ Sri Andy overcame many challenges along his entrepreneurial journey. For the first six months of his business, he operated his delivery services business in a McDonald’s outlet. This unswerving leader was not deterred. He diligently grew his business from this modest starting point, erecting Everest Group into the behemoth it is today.


Reaping the rewards together

It isn’t easy for young entrepreneurs to succeed in today’s business world. Knowing this, Dato’ Sri Andy provides a business sharing network platform for young entrepreneurs to create business opportunities. Using this WhatsApp group, he aims to cultivate innovation and a free-flowing idea space while advising young minds to scale their businesses. Dato’ Sri Andy seeks to create more entrepreneurs in Malaysia with his mission of creating an entrepreneur in every family.

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Dato’ Sri Andy seeks to create more entrepreneurs in Malaysia with his mission of creating an entrepreneur in every family. He is bounteous in his guidance and coaching and gives back to the community with whatever he has whenever he can.


May your triumph inspire others to follow

As someone who had witnessed his hardship, I want to express my sincere congratulations to Dato’ Sri Andy for bringing Everest Group to the number one spot among the logistic companies in Malaysia. I hope that the trail you paved guides more upcoming leaders into the world of entrepreneurship.


Dato’ Saravanan

Managing Director, Earth Build Group of Companies

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