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Dato’ Sri Warren Eu │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

Dato’ Sri Dr. Warren Eu may be synonymous with entrepreneurial success, but life was not always so rosy before he hit the dizzying heights of business success.

A holder of a Ph.D. in Finance from the Golden State University of USA, Dato’ Sri was famished to reach the pinnacle of success.

He made his attempt to corporate triumph by establishing his own company, UMHL. With technology at his fingertips and an exceptional leadership capability, Dato’ Sri made this tiny seed into the budding blossoms of his future success.

Under his ingenious guidance, the company became the global leader in digital point of services for postal organizations — the revolutionist of technology’s utility to promoting business growth and profitability.

Through his many accomplishments and conducts of numerous seminars on business investments to the public, Dato’ Sri had gained the moniker of an ‘Angel’ investor, creating big ripples of change to the corporate population.

Dato’ Sri is also a man with a philanthropical approach to life, actively engaging in the contribution to charities from schools to orphanages. A firm believer that what is taken should be given back, Dato’ Sri strives for the betterment of society.

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