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Dato’ Yeo Kim Thong│ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

A modest man, Dato’ Yeo Kim Thong is one of the unsung heroes who had committed his entire life to help people. A State Commander of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia – Selangor Darul Ehsan (SJAMSDE) with a passion for volunteerism, Dato’ Yeo is what one would call a good Samaritan.

Throughout his voluntary services of 41 years, Dato’ Yeo had contributed much of his time, strength, and own financial contribution to help the people in need. Under his leadership, many changes could be seen in the administration of SJAM-SDE. His leadership in guiding cadets to strive for excellence in aiding the people in need is admirable.

Dato’ Yeo was the forefront of the Hemodialysis service, leading his division to cater to the many low- and middle-income patients. Seeing a change is needed with the unpredictable demands of the ambulance services, Dato’ Yeo has also initiated the 24 hours service, along with bariatric and neonatal ambulances.

Recognized for his untiring efforts to the public, Dato’ Yeo was presented several achievements and even knighted as the Knight of Grace in the Most Venerable Order of St John (KStJ). Dato’ Yeo is one of Malaysia’s everyday heroes whose tremendous contribution and leadership have left an impact on the community.

LEA 2019 – Dato’ Yeo Kim Thong

One of Malaysia’s everyday heroes, Dato’ Yeo Kim Thong has contributed tremendously to the welfare of others. An inspirational leader, he empowers his team to strive to better serve the community! ?Want to be a part of LEA? ?????:–AhnbLNk-cUELFLmaLG2_MDyukQGbiAWbl1GA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR0_qpMOUbWL1_ugC0HbWOXEzeVABaNZ8zEPoJYcxGFSQjPGNFCB_elAGvk ?? ???????? ???!

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