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Dato’ Yeow Wah Chin │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

Growing up in a rubber estate, Dato’ Yeow Wah Chin knows what true hardship means.

Since young, Dato’ Yeow got a taste of it firsthand when he helped his mother collect latex every morning with hundreds of mosquitoes as company. Hunger for a change, he was determined to get out of this vicious cycle of poverty.

The only way out was to get stellar performance in academics. To achieve this, Dato’ Yeow grit through nights to attain exceptional grades even continuing on to obtaining 2 Bachelors Degree; Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 1984 and LLB (Hons) from Aberystwyth University in 1991.

This brought light to his passion for education and wants to help others in need. In 2010, when he was elected as the District Governor for Lions Clubs International District 308B1 Malaysia, he established the Lions Education Foundation.

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to give financial aid to financially challenged students with average results, allowing anyone regardless of academic prowess to achieve their dreams of higher education.

To this date, a sum of RM1.3 million have been granted by the Foundation to 75 financially challenged students to pursue their education at local institutions of higher learning.

Out of the 75 students, 20 students have graduated from a diversity range of fields such as in medicine, law, engineering, business, or accounting. Dato’ Yeow hopes that by 2021, the Foundation would help more than 100 students.

LEA 2019 – Dato’ Yeow Wah Chin

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