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The Medical Innovator, Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy

A doctor should be more than just curing… they should be healers who shed light on the soul.

Remember Your Beginning

The greatest strength of a tree is not its branches but its roots. Every entrepreneur should always look back at their origins as a source of motivation and inspiration. Just as for Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy, his roots led him to establish Chakra We Care, the encyclopaedia of nutraceuticals.


Quit and You Will Fail

Datuk Dr Selvam was always ahead of the game apropos of integrated healthcare. As one of the pioneers, he had to overcome many challenges to be where he is today. However, he believed his vision addresses a righteous cause in making the world healthier and happier. So, he persevered through, and now his beliefs have become a reality for thousands of people.


Busy Says Excuse 

Respect the person that finds time for you in their busy schedule and cherish the person who never looks at it when you need them. This is Datuk Dr Selvam’s redefining core, and punctuality is the quality that catches people’s eye when in reference to him. He believes punctuality is about respecting time and valuing the commitments made.

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A case that speaks of his values was when I was due to deliver. It has been only a year after consulting Datuk Dr Selvam, yet he will go above and beyond for his patients. He made time to soothe my worries when he was busy with a programme as the speaker. He encouraged my choices and spared time he didn’t have just to teach me methods that would ease the delivery. The extent he will go was profoundly moving.


Our relationship will be something I cherish

They say an early riser is a very successful person, and with Datuk Dr Selvam, I find that spot on. The relationship he has built with others is something one would not be able to describe in full. Only by truly experiencing it, would you know the true wonders of Datuk Dr Selvam.


Sathiyalaksmi Gunasakaran

Partner, Business & Operations Division

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