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The Essence of Malaysia, Datuk Redzuawan bin Ismail

A chef brings more than soul to the recipe; they bring life to the people, a momentary bliss and harmony with every bite.

The Social Butterfly

Datuk Redzuawan Bin Ismail, best known as Chef Wan, certainly knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face. He is an utter joy to be around with, always ready to crack a joke or share a great story. A true thriver in social interactions, this chef of many feathers on his cap shines best in the entertainer’s spotlight and cooking scene.

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The language of leadership

The man behind why our palate has become even more colourful is equally as colourful in personality. His ability to gab and speak with anyone about anything gained him the hearts of many. The most admirable thing is that Chef Wan uses this power to cultivate others. Being well-traversed, he shares his experiences with those who need it while actively endorsing Malaysia’s beloved, unique and rich food culture. This gave rise to many aspiring chefs and a broader audience of Malaysian cuisine’s diversity.

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Curiosity is the engine of achievement

This charismatic celebrity chef has a purpose, to bring peace to the world. The question that piques him is how? This curiosity blooms his life driven path to glory, uniting people from all walks of life and cultures through food. Chef Wan believes that nothing brings out harmony and kindred union more than sitting together to eat. 

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Driven by this mission, along with an immense passion and love for gastronomic adventures, there isn’t a day the cook isn’t experimenting in the kitchen. Cooking is, after all, an art that requires some deliberation and creativity. His tireless dedication has shifted the country’s hospitality global standing to higher heights as he shares the pure joy that Malaysian food can bring.

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The spotlight

Equal parts class, humour and wit, there is no doubt from Asia’s most celebrated chef that he’s the complete package. Be it a cook, host, writer, or even an actor. If life were an actual film, Chef Wan would unquestionably play the lead part. This multi-award winning chef is the pride and joy of Malaysia.


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