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The Doctorpreneur, Dr Chang Chee Seong

Doctors don't only prescribe medicines, they can "prescribe" business deals too.

Kindred Spirit

Dr Chang Chee Seong is an amicable and easy-going person, as first impressions go. Conversing with him feels effortless, as though a friend of many years. He exudes pleasant energy that makes the people around him feel comfortable. These traits are what makes Dr Chang a distinguished doctor and entrepreneur.

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Among his arsenal of qualities, the one that stands out is his ability to understand and relate to his partners, subordinates, and the general public. His unique way of sympathising with people encourages discussion, providing an avenue for dialogue between parties. This quality is why his patients are very fond of this charming natured man.

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To be a doctor while also an entrepreneur takes tremendous effort and time. A task quite exceedingly tiring, but for Dr Chang, he is nothing if not vigorous. Therefore, he can complement both spheres exceptionally. Having this natural talent has aided him in sustaining a smooth sailing business.

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A Man’s Worth is His Ambition

What truly makes Dr Chang a shining exemplar leader is his determination. To venture out alone and down a path you have no prior experience of, takes a lot of guts that many have been unable to handle. For Dr Chang, he took the step because his vision is bigger than his fears. Now, he is living his dreams to provide good quality, affordable and accessible healthcare across the community.

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Reach for the stars

Congratulations and a virtual pat for this fantastic achievement in his career. Dr Chang will reach even greater heights, and many more merits will come. I am confident that Medipulse will become one of the leading medical healthcare providers in Malaysia and potentially beyond in the future.


Dr. Darren Shu Jeng Ting

Consultant Ophthalmologist (Locum), Queen’s Medical Centre (Nottingham, UK)

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