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The Indubitable Mentor, Dr. Gilbert Ng Chong Kwee

It all starts with a positive attitude, a willing heart, and a desire to make a difference.


A People Person

Dr Gilbert Ng Chong Kwee’s amiable personality and great sense of humour is one that is very much loved and respected by those around him. This was the first thing I noticed when I met him in the 90s. He had a way of forming meaningful bonds with his staff. Not many would have their employees visit them after work hours, but that was the everyday norm for Gilbert. 

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Practice What You Preach

Successful leaders have a large number of followers who are eager to give their all without expecting anything in return. Gilbert’s success is undeniable. He is a man with good morals, values, and principles. Through these skills, he reinforced the companies’ values by helping others grow and develop through goal setting, opportunities, and recognition. He had fostered a collaborative environment.

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An empath

One of Gilbert’s most notable qualities is his emotional intelligence. His ability to understand not only himself but also others helps him react fast to situations with the right solutions. Gilbert knows very well that emotions are contagious. By displaying empathy, motivation and accountability, he encourages his staff to follow along and develop their interpersonal skills. 

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Organisational culture influences all aspects of a business. By providing a sense of vision, mentorship and purpose, Gilbert had successfully cultivated a culture of autonomy, allowing more problem solving and more incredible innovation which adds to the company’s value. He goes out of his way to communicate the company’s cultural identity to staff members and is clear about the company values.

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“The True Mentor”

A mentor is a shortcut to success. Gilbert’s entrepreneurial skill has won him many admirers. His consistency in maintaining strong business ethics while making everyone around him laugh is truly a great inspiration. I cherished his guidance and valuable advice close to my heart and hope he will continue to inspire many more like he did to me. 


Sally Heng

Emeritus English Master, GMCC Coaching Management