Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Bridger of Leadership and Engineering, Dr. Ir. Beh Kooi Ho

If you can dream it, you can do it.

A devotee of true success

We shape our buildings, and thereafter they shape us. Such is the importance of the role of engineers in this modern world. However, for Dr Ir. Beh, engineering leans more to the comprehensive project management and consultancy services. Having a voracious appetite to achieve success and deliver superior value is what ultimately matters. Pairing that with a well-articulated vision grounded in reality, makes it a guaranteed recipe for success.


A true leader by nature

Contrary to popular belief, leadership traits can be innate, and Dr. Ir. Beh is one fine example. He was already exhibiting robust, visible leadership qualities since young. He takes ownership over everything that matters for collective wellbeing. He does not hesitate to intervene and take charge, overcoming departmental barriers and even taking over the tasks and assignments of other business units. It is this unchallenged “can do” attitude of his, that makes him stand out from his peers.


True championship requires teamwork

Although C-Suite leaders are commonly perceived to work in solitude, Dr. Ir. Beh firmly believes in teamwork, akin to how a symphony is only functional with an orchestra and not from a solo musician. His involvement on the ground to work hand-in-hand with the team is a testament to his team spirit.

We were previously assigned to manage a chlor-alkali plant project in Africa, the first of its kind back then. It was not a smooth ride at first, with tight deadlines to meet, coupled with only a minimal workforce. Yet, Dr. Ir. Beh had the skills to make the right decisions quickly, and with teamwork, we managed to hit the ground running in the end. It was a significant learning curve for all of us.


Do not underestimate the power of your dreams

As a friend, having the opportunity to cross paths with you infuses me with absolute pride. I want you to know I am confident that your hard work, persistence, and integrity will be a guaranteed gateway for you to achieve your dreams and take SD Associates to greater heights. Continue believing that you can, and you will find yourself halfway there.


Meera Marimuthu

General Counsel, SD Associates Sdn Bhd