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The Benevolent Doctor, Dr Kuldip Kaur Prem Singh

Injecting joy into the lives of others.

An Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

This simple saying is the philosophy that Dr Kuldip Kaur Prem Singh lives by. She exudes burning compassion for every deed she undertakes. A formidable yet nurturing person, Dr Kuldip is the highly admired director of Sungai Buloh Hospital.


Endorsing Excellence in Workplace Culture

As a foremost leader in the medical scene, one needs to have a knack for ascertaining and nurturing talents that Dr Kuldip has plenty of. She does so through coaching and pacesetting. Regardless of which organisation she is placed in, Dr Kuldip is the type who will dynamically transform the team by identifying and raising new leaders while enacting long-lasting progressive reforms. Ultimately, she believes that a team that works together progresses more together.


Igniting Passion Through Compassion

Kindness can often be scarce in the cold, clinical, fast-paced, and stressful hospital environment. Yet, Dr Kuldip Kaur is very open and neighbourly as she takes the time to speak to her subordinates as friends. Her compassionate heart and affable personality are critical success factors that win her many friends—a crucial trait in a leader.


By looking at how Dr Kuldip works on various projects, participates in meetings and conferences, and especially while leading the COVID-19 efforts in Hospital Sungai Buloh, she has demonstrated her excellent leadership time and time again.


Your guidance is my treasure

To those fortunate enough to be mentored by Dr Kuldip, they are like family to her. Dr Kuldip is always keen on seeing them succeed and grow in their career, and she provides opportunities and avenues to that end.


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