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Dr. Peter Yong Wee Yih │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

The Doctor Needle, Dr. Peter Yong Wee Yih, is a man who has dedicated his time and his life to curing the ailments of others. A doctor with the expertise and experience of acupuncture treatments, Dr. Peter’s peak to success did not come without much hardship.

Starting in a Chinese pharmacy, Dr. Peter had to work long nights through his youth to tend to the well beings of many clients. The years spent in the pharmacy had given Dr. Peter a different outlook on life.

Having met many people from different walks of life, he had learned a lot through encountering different stages of the human life cycle. It had ignited a passion for further knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

With big goals and visions, Dr. Peter started his climb up the ladder of success. He is also a huge believer in giving back to the community, offering free clinic services for the poor.

Dr. Peter’s winning qualities are his immense determination and diligent in his dream. With unrelenting grit, he had managed to get his Master and Ph.D.

A hard worker with the ambition to aid the poor and needy, Dr. Peter’s dream of furthering his reach to improve the society is what makes him a remarkable individual.

LEA 2019 – Dr. Peter Yong Wee Yih

To make a life is by what we give, Dr. Peter Yong Wee Yih believes the greatest evidence of a wealthy soul is the act of giving! Leading his team to pave the future, he relentlessly pursues valuable ways to contribute back to society. ?Want to be a part of LEA? ?????: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4keczromi–AhnbLNk-cUELFLmaLG2_MDyukQGbiAWbl1GA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3wnukceK6DeRcFw0aaCsVNTm3b09Fuptsz4yzLPAKEPZVz_ytVrF2AvkM ?? ???????? ???!

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