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Dr. Quirix Tan│ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise, and Dr Quirix Tan is a very strong-willed individual.

Coming from a humble background, the rise to success was not an easy one for Dr Quirix. With her family’s financial situation, not being the most ideal, Dr Quirix knows that she had to pull up her sleeves to come out on top. Instead of having fun, she put all her time to studying and improving herself.

Her passion is to restore one’s beauty and health. It led Dr Quirix to pick up cosmetology courses. She soon established a name in the industry, becoming an expert in hand shaping, beauty acupuncture, and physical and mental healing. However, she did not feel that it was enough.

What is remarkable about Dr Quirix is her persistent in improving further. She wanted to enhance her career and thus put in the grit to travel to learn Chinese medicine. What catapult Dr Quirix to success is her strong willpower and never relenting efforts to give up.

An inspiring entrepreneur who is always improving her self-value, Dr Quirix continues to pursue higher knowledge in hopes of one day being beneficial to the entirety of humanity.

LEA 2019 – Dr. Quirix Tan

For Dr. Quirix Tan hard work is the true bringer of success. How much you grit, is how much you will get. Hustle till you make it! ?Want to be a part of LEA? ?????: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4keczromi–AhnbLNk-cUELFLmaLG2_MDyukQGbiAWbl1GA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR048FFjABQHAw2pkV2TaK6JLB11A6MO2DFqqKAZ5FoZyUOnhCGFzeGxS9A ?? ???????? ???!

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