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A Voice for the Voiceless, Dr. Shana Yong

There is no force in this world comparable to a woman determined to rise.

Built to Be Different

For Dr Shana Yong, going into pageantry was never initially a plan, especially being a working mother who is often preoccupied with work. This, however, changed when she came across an audition poster by Lumière International. It ignited a flame within her, a desire to leverage the pageantry as a means to heighten greater awareness on domestic abuse, an issue affecting nearly 30% of women worldwide.


True Empowerment Requires Perseverance

Shana has always been a hardworking and self-motivated person. Be it studying or learning the piano, she gave her all in everything she did. It eventually earned her a Doctor of Philosophy in Business on full scholarship, a testament to her sharp intellect and academic accomplishments.

To her, empowering women means more than just demanding equal rights and opportunities, but for them to persevere through hardships and stand out in their own capabilities. A message that Shana conveys to women universally, as she encapsulates those qualities herself.


Standing Up Makes a Big Difference

After battling more than a decade of domestic violence herself, Shana knows very well that she is not alone. Mrs Malaysia Global Universe represents the pivotal moment in her life that she takes to speak her voice to the world.

She echoed the voices for tens of thousands of women globally who face discrimination and underrepresentation in society. More so now with the spike in cases, while Covid-19 continues to loom. Shana is fiercely determined to continue fighting for justice and women worldwide to find true representation.


“Unleashing True Girl Power in a World Dictated by Men”

“Unleashing True Girl Power in a World Dictated by Men”

There is no truer embodiment of women empowerment than Shana, as she does so rightfully and elegantly. She affirms that women ought not to be seen as mere objects to be messed with. Some may label her as a feminist, but she does what others are either incapable of or lack the resources for doing. Shana aims to elevate the status of women to new summits, where empowered women empower women.


Yong Seong Ho

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