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Edison Ser │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

One of the leading market leaders of Malaysia, Edison Ser talents know no boundaries. A Chief Executive Officer of PS Mechanical Supply & Services Sdn Bhd, Edison had led the company to new heights, amassing many achievements.

His accomplishments had earned him awards such a C-Suite Leadership Excellent Award and a feature in the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs 2019 book.

A business leader known for his professionalism and expertise in a wide variety of industries, Edison had taken the helm of many leadership roles. He had even directed and consulted the partner companies of PS Mechanical Supply & Services Sdn Bhd.

The remarkable aspect of Edison is his innate leadership. This had gained him many people’s trust for he delivers what he promised. He has also laid a hand in speaking and advising many roundtables and seminars, to further improve the growth and sustainability of the Palm Oil Sector.

Under his leadership, PS Mechanical Supply & Services Sdn Bhd had become Malaysia’s forefront in the manufacturing and service of palm oil machinery to palm oil mills. With goals to further expand their reach to new markets like South America and West Africa, attaining such dreams would not be impossible with Edison around.

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