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The Weaver of Luck, Elaine Gan Lee Chian

The art of any great business is an equally great middleman, putting people together.

Lady Luck

Creating luck, is it even possible? To Elaine Gan Lee Chian, it definitely is! For her, chance favours the prepared mind. If you put yourself in the position to receive it, luck will come knocking at your door. Taking her opportunity, Elaine grips the stars with Growth Pulse PLT, a company that adds value to people’s lives.

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Taking Initiative 

Elaine believes the core to a prosperous company is the will to step up to the plate when the call arises. Managing a business comes with its fair share of stormy nights. The times when one would take hold of the rudder are rare, and to see success, the business will have to overcome the crisis. Therefore, she imbues these values into her staff, creating a competent team that will never falter.

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The claim to fame, however, is Elaine’s remarkable people skills. What made her be recognised as a triumphant businesswoman is her passion and persistence in assisting businesses. She had inspired and aided over thirty local businesses in Muar, broadening their mind and network. Her ability to communicate with clients, understand their needs and solve their hardships is truly exceptional.

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Relationships are Built on Merit

Elaine is a force to be reckoned with. When she first took up the mantle of president in her business networking group, she did the impossible, uniting all the business leaders in working towards a common cause. This amazing feat and her dedication to self-improvement programs led to over 3 thousand referrals and RM3 million in business completed in a year.

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The best wingwoman

Elaine is a leader by example. She puts her words into action, creating value in the relationship she builds. Having Elaine is an asset to any businessman, and I wish her all the best in her journey to helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap to success.


Zhiwen Chin

Executive Director, BNI Batu Pahat & Muar Region

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