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A Man of Integrity, Eric Lim

Valuing righteousness over personal gain.

Man of Honour

What is integrity? To Eric, it is the act of sincerity in upholding moral values. His high regards toward values are the mitigating factor for the founding and success of his company, VHL Logistics Sdn.Bhd. For over 20 years, Eric has accumulated an encyclopaedia of knowledge when logistics are concerned. 

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Clear and Concise

An exceptional attribute to Eric is his ability to stay calm when faced with obstacles. He has the presence of mind to resolve problems without getting flustered. A challenge is a ‘good problem’ for him. Having a positive mindset helps relax the mind to find more unique solutions to pre-existing problems. Therefore, this makes Eric the person people approach for advice in their time of need.


The greatest ability is dependability

A few years ago, a cargo ship was stuck on the high seas without a place to dock, leading to the stranding of my containers at sea. In a desperate panic about a course of action, Eric did not hesitate to aid me as soon as he heard the news. He offered me good advice and managed to get my container onto another vessel with a different liner.


Eric is not just a man of the moment but a person that will help regardless of circumstance. It was challenging when Eric initially left his previous company to start his venture. At the time, getting ex-customers and new customers to support him was pivotal in the survival of his business. However, due to his exceptional dependability, he convinced clients to be confident in his business and place their trust in him.


Your friendship is priceless

There is a saying that money can’t buy friendships. This aphorism is especially so in the business world, where building connections can make a difference. Therefore, I would like to take this time to express my gratitude to Eric for his steadfast friendship. I wish him good health and all the best in his future endeavours, hoping that he will forever remain timeless.


Christine Yew

Marketing Director, Careplus Group Berhad

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