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The Emerging Queen of Network Marketing, Evelyn Chan

Taking on those battles, the smaller ones and the bigger ones, is who I am.

Eyes of ember

Soft and delicate. Evelyn may seem to embody the perfect traits of what some defines as a woman, but underneath, she possesses an indomitable will that burns with a strong desire to change the world. She is strong and so full of fire that not even she could hold herself back as her passion burned brighter than her fears.


Tender and brave

Evelyn is unlike any woman I have ever met and equally as unforgettable. In a cutthroat world where stakes are high and misogynism even higher, it takes more than just guts anchored in grace to keep a woman’s stance. Evelyn knows her purpose and does what she is destined to do.

Despite her young age, what ultimately helped clarify her purpose is the compassion to transform lives. Evelyn shows her true capabilities to lead through uplifting and building others. This is demonstrated through her attentiveness and genuine care to the people around her, be it her team or business partners. To the present day, Evelyn continues to empower women through entrepreneurship; to do exactly what they want, be true to themselves, and have the opportunities to a better quality of life.


For every strong woman lies a kind heart

Behind the cloth of strength and dignity a woman wears lies a kind heart, and this is very true for Evelyn. Outside of being identified with just wealth and fame, she believes in being whole and having a holistic life. Evelyn emphasizes this through the importance of public welfare, making numerous noble contributions to NGOs, social welfare and needy society.


A beautiful woman is purposeful

Congratulations Evelyn! None shine more brilliantly than you when you walk with purpose. All the best in your never-ending adventures, and continue to empower women that they do have a choice for their own life.


Suki Chong

Founder, MYS Travel Sdn Bhd

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