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The Modernist Stationer, Gareth Yeoh

Travelling the world, one stationery at a time.

Adapting to the times

A willingness to accept new ideas is monumental in establishing new businesses in the 21st Century, and Gareth Yeoh is no greenhorn when it comes to exploring fresh opportunities. This futuristic entrepreneur is on a blazing new journey as the CEO of Cheerdik, a stationery outlet with the concept of offering the latest in trend products from around the world.

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Team is the Theme

Gareth believes that to grip his dreams, he has to build a team with like-minded people. Therefore, to align his goals with his team, Gareth involves them in decision making, getting their views and opinions when embarking on new initiatives. He empowers his crew by allowing them to make critical decisions, thus establishing a closely tied bond as their choices actively result in the company’s growth.

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Edge over Age

However, ideas don’t magically succeed. Ideas need execution to become successful. This is where Gareth’s ideology for change comes into play with his strong execution skills. As Gareth has dwelled in many fields of business, his experience far exceeds many of his generations. This trump card is the rationale behind Gareth’s milk and honey.

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Being a tech enthusiast, Gareth is always exploring alternatives that will help transform his business digitally. One of them was building a chatbot for his company. With his ever-churning creativity, his out-of-the-box mindset leads him to provide suggestions towards further improving the software implementation. This impressive display pay homage to his burning beliefs.

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May your talents bloom brighter with time

Challenges today are the opportunities of tomorrow. For forward thinkers like Gareth, who are willing to take a leap of faith, a bright future is waiting over the horizon. Gareth, I hope that you will continue pursuing your dreams and further flaunt your entrepreneurial talents along the way.


Charmain Tan

CEO, QuickDesk Pte Ltd

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