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Happy Kuah │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

A woman who grasps the world with her own two hands, Happy Kuah is an empowering individual who crafted her success through dedication, perseverance, and compassion. Kicked to the curb before finally owning the street, Happy did not obtain her happiness without hardship.

Coming out from a rough divorce with many uncertainties looming over her, she knew she had to turn the tables in her favor for her daughter and herself. This leads Happy to focus on her passion for beauty, creating the “TA TEAM freehand shaping”, which is based on osteopathic plastic surgery.

Happy soon established her name in the industry, gaining recognition and reputation for TA TEAM. A person who stays true to her roots and her heart, Happy lead her team consisting of other compassionate women to maximize their potential, solving beauty problems that plagues women’s minds.

Happy personally puts in a lot of devotion to each product released, ensuring that every client gets her ‘Happy Magic’.

Leadership Excellence Awards – Happy Kuah

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