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Hit the waves with Langkawi Swimming Festival 2021!

Fans of the ocean gathers in glee at Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi Island for the swim of the year

Stroke after stroke ripples the blue waves of Langkawi on December 12th, as swimmers of all gather in the jewel of Kedah for the Langkawi Swimming Festival 2021.

The summer cooling event aims to introduce and promote Open Water Swimming (OWS) as an activity for sports, leisure, and fitness. Along with it, inculcating an awareness of marine conservation among its participants. Swimmers alike of different abilities from experts to even the physically challenged are seen mingling about the coast.

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2nd person from left: LT. KOL. (PAB) Dato’ Ooi Win Juat, Head of Marketing & Advisory Department of Puspakom Sdn Bhd

There are three categories of different swimming distances: 8km, 4km, and 1.5km. In addition, not forgetting the children, a 400-meter distance category is also introduced to let them join in on the splashing fun.

This new initiative highlights Langkawi as a safe water sports destination, therefore also contributing to the development of Langkawi’s tourism industry.

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2nd person from left: LT. KOL. (PAB) Dato’ Ooi Win Juat

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