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The Relentless, Ian Ong

In pursuit of dreams, your unshakable commitment is the only force more powerful than your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Unshakable in Your Pursuit

That was what came to mind when I thought of Ian Ong. He was not someone easily missed due to his amiable nature and with how the air around him always seems to thrums with his vibrant energy. Although it has been 15 years since our first encounter, he is still as zestful and exuberant, if not even more.


Believe the Unbelievable

As a leader, Ian never takes no for an answer. Rather than throwing in the towel, he continuously strives to find a solution. Backed with sharpened instincts honed through countless experiences, Ian is quick to think on his feet and quicker in making the most of circumstances.

Ian is a person of action. Be it doubts or stigma, he is immovable in his determination to succeed and will not settle for anything less. This unshakable conviction of his is genuinely what ensnares the people around him.


We Are What We Repeatedly Do

To Ian, excellence is not an act but a habit. The tributes to his success are due to his unrelenting spirit and commitment to his vision. To truly succeed, one has to work hard to develop the day-to-day habits that allow this to ensue. His physique is even a testament to his belief, where if you want to be something, you would have to make a habit of it.

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May your trials end in full bloom

Although your beginnings may be humble and the trials and tribulations may be steep, don’t ever stop paving your dreams. So long as you continue your journey, the end will be prosperous. 


Atkins Risha Abraham

Director, Uncle Don’s Restaurants Sdn Bhd