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Innovative Developer – Sheng Tai International│APDA2020

One of today’s top award-winning developers who has branched out across Asia, Sheng Tai International has ventured into diversified development, real estate, investment management, hospitality and property tourism. Sheng Tai International is well known for its professional services with competitive pricing and warm, personal touch. 

Sheng Tai International offers an extensive range of real property products, services, and brands that cater to the luxury, upscale, and economy markets. This renowned developer has established multiple ground-breaking projects such as the NOVO, Regalia Beachfront Residence, Metrasquare Serviced Suites, Ames Hotel, and Nyra Hotel. Their most prestigious work to date, however, is The Sail Melaka, a magnificent work of art set against a panoramic view of the sea. 

The iconic RM6.5 billion project is specially developed to be the central business district and global icon for Melaka. Inspired by Admiral Zheng He’s voyage to the West and continuing the legacy of the Straits of Melaka, The Sail Melaka’s magnificent ship-like aesthetics feature nine towers as it ‘sails’ by.

The multidisciplinary team of international and local consultants, engineers and sustainability experts had the vision to create a 21st-century cosmopolitan metropolis where locals and foreigners can enjoy a refined living, delightful shopping experience and explore the vitality of Melaka ‘under one roof’.

Founded by Dato’ Leong Sir Ley, one of Malaysia’s first businesswomen, the continued success of Sheng Tai International is primarily due to its ability to swim against the tide and discover opportunities in challenges. Supported by a 500-strong team passionate and inspiring, ensures Sheng Tai International maintains its quality services. 

Based on its strong corporate values and ethos, Sheng Tai International is continuously seeking passionate expansion and conscientious innovation in its quest to be the curator of contemporary living and the leading influence in inventive real estate business models.

Featured Project

The Sail @ Melaka

theSail logo

The Sail View

2 1
The Sail Melaka (Image via Sheng Tai International)

Aerial View

The Sail Melaka’s Aerial View (Image via Sheng Tai International)

Lobby View

The Sail Melaka’s Lobby (Image via Sheng Tai International)

5 & 6 Hotels View

Single Volume Living
The Sail Melaka’s Luxury Condotels; Luxurious Hotels Cum Residences 1 (Image via Sheng Tai International)
LUXURY Condotels
The Sail Melaka’s Luxury Condotels; Luxurious Hotels Cum Residences 2 (Image via Sheng Tai International)

Luxury Shopping Mall View

Shopping Mall
The Sail Melaka’s Luxury Shopping Mall (Image via Sheng Tai International)

Business Suites View

Biz Suite1
The Sail Melaka’s Business Suite 1 (Image via Sheng Tai International)
Biz Suite2
The Sail Melaka’s Business Suite 2 (Image via Sheng Tai International)

Contact Information

Company: Sheng Tai International
Telephone:+6011-3737 3399 or Click Here
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