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The Pearl of Botanicals, Jeanie Ho

Success is a never-ending story you can stop.

Bring Home Nature’s Best Healing Ingredients

When it comes to commendable feats, few are as equally respected and, in turn, respectful to others as Jeanie Ho. After all, to make a product that is a joy to use without compromising the quality or the effectiveness is often a tall order. Yet Jeanie is capable enough to establish harmony with nature to accomplish this. “Nourish + Nurture, Naturally…” is the phrase that breathes the entirety of what she strives for. 

Jeanie 3

Made with Purpose

In today’s society, many products seen on shelves labelled natural or organic might not be entirely accurate, and Jeanie knows this well. Determined to find genuinely safe and effective natural solutions, she decided to do it on her own. Her drive in all this? To provide all of the good that nature gives in healthy and beneficial ingredients, and none of the bad with no chemicals used.

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Jeanie expressed this vision clearly and avidly, inspiring many to join in on the passion and purpose. Being purely altruistic, this passion also gave spring to the cause of aiding any OEM businesses. Through many toils and intensive research, Jeanie founded JM Naturals Sdn Bhd, the company that takes a holistic approach to formulate solutions that remain consistent and beneficial to all individuals with skin sensitivity. 

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Keeping Up with the Promises

Jeanie always stays faithful to her words, no matter how minor, and goes above and beyond to leave a significant impact. As a result of her superb approach, everyone in the organisation is motivated to achieve exactly what is promised and on time. Jeanie is exceptional in that she is firmly self-opinionated but does not let it cloud her view on also acknowledging and respecting the viewpoints of others. This is difficult to find and proves that Jeanie can lead others. 

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“Big Results Require Big Ambition”

It is easy to identify a hardworking and dedicated individual. Jeanie’s accomplishments show that she is always striving to reach higher levels for herself and the company. The journey may be long, but Jeanie will undoubtedly accomplish more in the future—handcrafting more 100% pure and natural ingredients products for beauty, health and wellbeing.


It Lee Suet Sen

President & Group Managing Director, BE International Marketing Sdn Bhd

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