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A Leader Who Grooms Success, Jeevanand Muniandy

True leaders do not produce followers; they create more leaders.

Amid movement, locate the stillness within

It is imperative to remain calm and collected, even under the most extreme circumstances. For Jeevanand Muniandy, it is highly relatable as he steers his energetic team across distributing medical consumables, an ever-increasing necessity throughout the country’s health institutions.

For the first time, demand for medical devices and sanitisation soared like never before with the omnipresent Covid-19 pandemic. With that, greater challenges rest ahead for Jeevanand on leading his company to remain competitive without compromising product and service quality.


Connecting leadership with empathy

The best way to describe Jeevanand? He is a leader who actually listens. The strongest factor to his success story arises from his ability to understand his team well, owing to his sensitivity towards their wellbeing and the hurdles they encounter every day. Knowing there is no one-size-fits-all answer to every problem, he provides personalised solutions for his employees, thanks to the skills, knowledge, and experience that he acquired and sharpened over the years.

Once Jeevanand is set on a solution, he is driven to execute it without wasting a second. That sense of urgency is undoubtedly commendable. 


Moulding a new generation of tomorrow’s leaders

Being the CEO of his company, Jeevanand possesses incredible foresight, with a well-structured, long-term vision for his company’s growth over the next couple of decades. But what really distinguishes him from other C-level leaders is that he moulds capable employees into becoming directors in Sky Medic’s subsidiary companies, where they, too, can lead others.


While some leaders may form presumptive conclusions on prejudice, Jeevanand ensures fairness, equality, and a moment to shine for all. This remarkable quality cultivates a strong camaraderie among his team, which is truly empowering.


Spearheading towards greater medical heights

The bottom line? Jeevanand is undoubtedly a leader for all. His ability to act in the company’s best interest while setting aside his own emotions, keeping his team’s motivation and morale in check is certainly a fine class of professionalism. It is a tremendous honour to be at work with him. For him to infuse his ideas and elevate the livelihood of many in the organisation is respectable. To perpetuate this will undoubtedly guarantee sustained growth for his company in the upcoming years.


Justin Benedict

Director, Jack Scientific Sdn Bhd

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