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The Unswerving Force, Kenneth Kee

Persistency may lead you to the door but consistency brings you the key to unlocking it.

The Unwavering Spirit

Success bears in the face of consistency. With consistent hard work comes greatness. This is what Kenneth Kee lives by. As such, he consistently maintains the quality of the services provided unfailingly, offering reliable enterprise systems to the healthcare industry through Origin Integrated Studios Sdn. Bhd.


Raising Talents from the Ground Up

Kenneth believes companies should focus ample efforts on retaining existing staff, therefore having a low turnover rate at his own. This is due to his view that a high retention rate leads to more qualified staff and higher talent reserves. In turn, it will lead to access to top-notch, uniform work. This value is what he strives to provide to his clients and how he gained their unyielding trust in return.

Kenneth Group 1

Steady Goes the Hand

Kenneth has faced many obstacles that hindered his business along his rough journey. The toughest one yet is convincing hospitals to invest in his start-up. How he overcame this was through consistent approaches, technical prowess and assurances. He had patiently grown his company and reputation til it spoke for him. Now, Kenneth has people knocking at his door.


Kenneth has a very hands-on approach to managing his clients’ projects. There was no project too small for him to handle. No matter how small, every opportunity is an opportunity, and Kenneth will seize it. Even when the travelling distance is vast. This sheer determination is what captivates the eye.

Kenneth Group 2

“Slow and Steady Wins the Race”

Kenneth is a firm believer in doing things step by step, and it was incredible to watch him be rewarded for his grit. From managing a team of eight, to now over fourfolds. I wish the utter best for my dear friend as he retains this philosophy into his next chapter and his South East Asia regional expansion to Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.


Dato’ Lee Gaik Cheng

CEO, Putra Medical Centre (Alor Setar)

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